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The CFS Waiting Pool: FAQ

1) Can I find out my child’s place in the waiting pool?

We do not have a numbered wait list. Our waiting list would be more accurately described as a waiting pool. When openings occur, we check grade level, gender, and other factors to select a student. Occasionally we are able to offer a guarded estimate as to the likelihood of admission to a particular class. To talk about this, call the Admission Office (919.383.6602 x240) or email admissions@cfsnc.org.

2) Can I do anything to improve my child’s chances of being enrolled from the waiting pool?

Not really. The key factor is space. However, you should feel free to contact the Admission Office if there is any new information that might help the Admission Committee to know your child better. Such information might include updated academic records or information about participation in a play or other event.

3) Are siblings guaranteed admission to Carolina Friends School?

There are no guarantees, but we do consider sibling relationships and other connections to the School among the important factors that help us to make admission decisions. Other factors are important, too. Again, the key issue is space.

4) How long can my child be in the waiting pool for the coming school year?

If you make a commitment that would prevent you from accepting a late offer of admission, please contact us to withdraw your child’s name from the pool. We would like our waiting pool to consist only of families who still hope for their children to be at CFS for the upcoming year. We may trim the waiting pool in the summer, based on our sense of what is realistically possible.

5) Can I reactivate my child's application for the next school year?

For some grades (if we expect the next year's class to increase in size), we will invite you to reactivate your child’s application for next year without paying an additional application fee. If you are not offered admission at that point, and if you want to apply for a future year, we would ask you to reapply with updated information about your child.

We always regret having to place qualified candidates in the waiting pool for admission to CFS, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and continued interest in the School.

For further information about the CFS waiting pool, please call the Admission Office (919.383.6602 x240 or x221).

Revised February 2015

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