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Extended Day PM (AfterHours)

Extended Day for Lower and Middle Schools

The CFS Extended Day PM (AfterHours) Program, coordinated by Cyrise Davis, is designed to create an experience for children after school where students have a safe space to do homework, enjoy a nutritious snack, and be inventors, artists, friends, teammates, quiet thinkers, explorers, and much more. The program is structured to provide a context of children leading their own afternoon activities. Whether it's creating comedy skits in the Lower School or basketball games in the Middle School, the program is primarily student-led.


Parents have the option to enroll in Extended Day PM (AfterHours) using one of our contracted rates (see below) or by electing to attend on a drop-in or emergency-use basis.

Download a Lower School Registration Form or a Middle School Registration Form or pick one up from the Center Building at CFS. Please return the form to the Center.


Registration fee: $10.00. This is a one-time per year, per child registration fee that enables you to participate in Extended Day PM (AfterHours).

Drop-in / Emergency Use Rates: $10 for pick-up before 4:15 pm / $20 for pick-up after 4:15 pm

Contracted Rates:

Per Week
Monthly Charge*

4:15 pick-up5:45 pick-up
2 70 140

For contracted enrollment only. Drop-ins/Emergency use is charged the appropriate daily rate.

Late Pick-up Fees: Pick-ups after 4:15 pm are charged at the 5:45 pm rate. Pick-ups after 5:45 pm are charged $2.00 every five minutes or portion thereof past 5:50 pm.

Billing: Charges are added to student billing accounts on a monthly basis beginning in September.


Extended Day PM (AfterHours) financial assistance is available for families who receive tuition assistance from CFS. The fee for Extended Day PM (AfterHours) may be reduced by up to the same rate as tuition; however, such financial assistance is limited to 40% of the contracted rate. We do require families desiring to receive financial assistance to commit to a contracted rate. Families should email cfsstudentbilling@cfsnc.org for more information.


Extended Day PM (AfterHours) staff will track daily use and report to Director of Finance Katie Collini, who will apply the charges to your account. Extended Day PM (AfterHours) charges will be reflected on your monthly statement. Thank you for paying promptly after receiving your statement. Please make your Extended Day PM (AfterHours) checks payable to CFS. Having your child's name on the memo line is helpful. You may combine these payments with tuition payments.

Extended Day PM (AfterHours) charges will be included in the monthly bank draft for parents who have elected to pay tuition via bank draft. If you do not want your monthly Extended Day PM (AfterHours) charges to be included in your bank draft, please contact the Business Office at kcollini@cfsnc.org.


  • Lower School regular carpool pick up time is from 3:00 to 3:15 pm. If you are late picking up your child, s/he will be escorted to the Extended Day PM (AfterHours) program and will receive the services it provides.
  • Middle School students not picked up by 3:30 pm must check in with Middle School Extended Day PM (AfterHours). It is school policy to have all Lower and Middle School students enrolled in Extended Day PM (AfterHours) if not picked up by the end of the school day.
  • Extended Day PM (AfterHours) ends at 5:45 pm for both Lower School and Middle School. Late fees will apply for late pick-ups after the first time. If you are late please let us know by phone Lower School at 919.383.6602 x246 or Middle School at 919.383.6602 x242.
  • Please always let a staff person know when you pick up your child. This ensures your child's safety and the accuracy of your billing records.
  • If someone other than a parent will pick up your child, you must inform us by phone or written note.
  • Pick up for Lower School Extended Day PM (AfterHours) is at the Multi-purpose room and surrounding playground. The group sometimes attends ball games at the Gym or soccer fields. Please look for notes posted on doors and the Lower School sign regarding a change in pick up location. In the event that we have gone to a game students will have their belongings with them.
  • Pick up for Middle School Extended Day PM (AfterHours) is at the Middle School. Students will occasionally be at the Gym watching games. Please check doors for signs regarding any alternative pick up location.

Thank you for using CFS Extended Day PM (AfterHours)!

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