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Ways to Give That Benefit You and CFS

You have options in how you make gifts to Carolina Friends School to accommodate almost any life stage, income level, and financial goal.

Although a gift of any type provides you with the good feeling of knowing you're supporting the School, you also will find a host of other benefits among these options. For example:

  • making a larger gift to CFS than you thought possible without "breaking the bank."   
  • tax deductions for you because CFS is an IRS approved not-for-profit. Some even provide multiple ways to save on taxes.
  • ensuring and protecting the financial future of your heirs and/or spouse.
  • income for life for you or others of your choosing.

Online Giving - The simplest and fastest way to make a gift to CFS is to use our secure online donation portal. You can even schedule monthly sustainer donations of $10 or more when giving online.

1. Cash - Hand-deliver cash gifts to the Center Building at the School. Please include a note with your name and the purpose of the gift.

2. Checks - Make checks payable to Carolina Friends School. In the note area you can indicate one of several things, if you wish, such as that the gift is "In Appreciation of" or "In Memory of" someone. You may direct your gift to a particular need by indicating your wish in the note area of your check and/or including a note with your check.

3. Stocks and Mutual Funds - Shares of stocks or mutual funds are easy to give and benefit you and CFS. Gifts of stocks can provide multiple tax savings. You can read the simple steps to making a stock gift.

4. Matching Gifts - Many companies will match the contributions that employees - and retirees of some companies - make to CFS. Check with your Human Resources department about the process. It may be as simple as sending your company's matching gift form along with your check to CFS.

5. Gifts-In-Kind - CFS welcomes items that support our educational programs, such as equipment for classrooms and handcraft supplies for summer workshops. Please contact John Ladd before making a delivery as we are not be able to use some items. We will be happy to send you a letter for your IRS records that confirms your gift.

6. Wills - Your will states your directions for the distribution of your property after your death. CFS can be named as a beneficiary in a new will or added as a beneficiary through a codicil to an existing will. Please contact John Ladd to discuss how you can accomplish your objectives and simple language to use in your will. Wills are often used either to create a new endowment or to make gifts to an existing endowment.

7. Charitable Gift Annuity* - This increasingly popular way to give provides you with a guaranteed annual income throughout your life, an immediate federal income tax deduction, and other federal income tax savings. The income you receive is tied directly to your age: the older you are at the time of your gift, the higher your annual payout. Then, CFS will receive the remaining value of the annuity when you no longer need it. There are several options that offer additional benefits. Please contact John Ladd for details.

8. Insurance Policies and Retirement Plans - Carolina Friends School can be designated as an owner of an insurance policy and/or as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement plan. Please inform the School if you are thinking about or have made this decision.

9. IRAs - Carolina Friends School can be designated as a beneficiary of an IRA. Please inform us if you are considering or have taken this action. (Complications in taxes and required payouts may result when an heir receives an IRA. Designating an IRA to CFS and other assets to your heirs may be preferable. Read more.)

10. Real Estate - A gift of land may be given "outright" or with a "retained life interest." In the latter, the owner makes CFS the new owner, continues to live on the land during her/his lifetime, and gains tax advantages in the process. When considering any real estate gift, be sure to contact John Ladd early.

11. Charitable Remainder Trusts- A charitable remainder gives twice. You begin by putting funds or assets into a trust. First, it gives you (or others you designate) lifetime income. Second, at the death of the last income beneficiary, CFS is given the remaining value of the trust. In addition, you receive a charitable income tax deduction in the year the gift is made. The gift minimum is $100,000.

12. Charitable Lead Trusts* - With this you set up a trust fund that makes annual gift payments to CFS for a designated number of years. At the end of the time you designate, the assets used to fund the gift can be returned to you or to your heirs. The gift to your heirs is tax free. You receive a charitable income tax deduction in the year the gift is made. The gift minimum is $100,000.

We have more information about how you can utilize these ways to make a difference in the life of the school that you love and the financial well being of your family.

Please contact John Ladd in the CFS Development Office.

  • John can be reached at 919.383.6602 x270 or jladd@cfsnc.org.
  • The CFS fax number is 919.383.6009.

* CFS offers this option through Friends Fiduciary Corporation, a 100+ year-old Quaker non-profit corporation that provides socially responsible investment, management, trusteeship, and administration services. Annuities and trusts are formulated individually to meet your individual needs. Your own financial planner may be of help with these as well.

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