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Endowments: Essential to Our Students' Success

Endowments are essential to achieving the mission of Carolina Friends School.

They provide a steady revenue stream every year that helps reduce tuition increases and provide annual support for important programs. 

There are currently 27 endowment funds. In April of 2015 our newest fund, The Kaia Parker Dance Endowment, was created in memory of CFS alumna Kaia Glenn Parker.

See the endowment list

      Many Reasons

      Endowments have been made to support diverse purposes:

      • tuition aid
      • teacher salaries
      • emergency needs of staff or students' familiesKaia Glenn Parker
      • increased diversity
      • the work of different units          
      • enriching staff development opportunities               

      Endowments have been created to honor and memorialize:

      • to memorialize beloved family members (Mimi Schmidt-Nielsen Fund, Jenny Hall Fund, Kaia Parker Dance Fund)
      • to honor staff (Don Wells Fund, John Baird Fund)
      • to memorialize teachers (Pat Dalton Fund)

      Easy to Start

      You can use cash or appreciated shares of stock or mutual funds to begin an endowment at CFS. 

      Many endowments are also started by gifts made in retirement accounts. This only requires a simple form from the holder of your retirement account. Or by gifts made a will. If you already have a will, it can be as easy as adding a few sentences (called a codicil) indicating your wishes.

      The minimum to create an endowment is $20,000 (although we recommend $25,000). This can be donated at one time or over several years.

      Please contact John Ladd at 919.383.6602 x270 or at jladd@cfsnc.org for help in planning your endowment so you can make the largest difference for future generations.

      Easy to Add to at Any Time

      It's simple and easy to make a gift of any size to CFS endowments. You can do so in a number of ways:

      • Make a gift or pledge a gift online. (In the Comment field, indicate the endowment you wish to support.)
      • Mail a check. 
      • Give shares of stock or mutual funds, or bonds.
      • Include a gift in your will or trust.
      • Add a CFS endowment of your choice as a beneficiary in your retirement plan.
      • Make a CFS endowment a beneficiary in your life insurance policy.
      • Make a CFS endowment the recipient of your CFS charitable gift annuity.

      The Power of Endowments

      Mildred and Arthur Ringwalt

      They constitute a permanent source of income (their principal is not spent).

      Endowments help CFS in essential ways, including:

      • supporting specific programs and functions,
      • offering opportunities for program quality enhancement and expansion beyond the resources available through tuition revenue,
      • presenting venture capital opportunities for innovative program development and experimentation,
      • providing a financial bedrock in times of fiscal stress. 

      Endowment fund policies are set by the CFS Board of Trustees.

      How Endowments Work at CFS

      Jenny Hall

      Endowment funds are carefully invested by professional managers and overseen by the Board's Investment Committee.

      CFS invests only in socially responsible companies.

      Each fund's purpose is supported annually by expending 4.8% of a five-year average of the fund's balance.

      John Ladd, Development Coordinator, is available to assist you and welcomes your questions. Please call him at 919.383.6602 x270 or email him at jladd@cfsnc.org.

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